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What is 'ivory class'?

“Ivory” comes from the term “ivory tower,” which refers to academia and the ambition for higher learning. And “Class” in fashion is an undefinable taste for luxury. Until now, these words have seemed like two distinct ambitions, marking a certain elitist distance from the rest of society that justifies being able to dwell on one’s own high-brow pursuits. “Ivory Class” brings these desirable categories together into one attainable goal; style and smarts are not mutually exclusive.

Who are we?


I’ve been defining myself all of my life and it takes a closet full of shoes to do it. With a standard size 8 in shoes, looking for great deals on all my favorite brands has made online shopping a sport. But the prize of a brand-new pair of Jimmy Choo is so worth it! When I’m not hunting bargains, I like to write about the things that matter to me. I’m a first-generation Haitian-American medical humanities scholar.



Straight up – I’m a girl from California and I like clothes (among other things). A lot. From thrift stores to luxury brands, I do not discriminate a good piece from its pile. Like Mags, I love me a good deal. Other important things: I’m also a first generation Vietnamese-American working on intellectual history.




Why did we start this blog?

We met at Cornell, where we shared way too many of those moments where we could just look at each other in a given situation and know what the other person as thinking. Maybe it was about a fashion choice, maybe it was because a colleague was overstepping their boundaries. And we wouldn’t be surprised if others also had those thoughts. So we’re starting the conversation here.

Who is this blog for?

To say that this blog is for anyone in particular is to draw the lines that we’re trying to blur.

“Ivory Class” is open to anyone who sets their own standards in the world, defines their own style, defies expectations (with a wink and a smile), enjoys the exchange of ideas, might be in need of a little inspiration, or have somewhere to go or nowhere to go… &C

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